Where terminal geeks engage with challenging projects and build awesome things.

At Intropica, we don't really do consulting gigs any more. That's one of the trade-offs we've made to allow our people to dedicate their focus to delivering the absolute best they can every day. Context switching is a killer.

So, instead, we work on a limited number of long-term projects, each staffed by a dedicated team of people who know they are in it for the long-haul. We believe this partnership approach is the best way to keep everyone's goals in alignment.

As a developer here, you get to make the best decisions for the software you work on, fully cognisant of the business goals and quality requirements involved. You get to set the technology direction and make the decisions with your colleagues. As a partner or customer, well, you get to work with a development team who are on your side, all the way.

Our technology choices change over time, as you'd expect. We're not an XYZ shop, we don't fanatically subscribe to any particular methodology. Instead we encourage directed geek curiosity, targeted towards making sure we're using technologies and processes most appropriate to the task at hand. And that we grok and enjoy.

All of this means that when you come to work with us, you'll be in a situation which encourages you to do your best work, to explore the things which capture your attention, and grow, and to have fun doing it with other like-minded people. And if you choose to partner with us for your project, then you get a happy, productive and engaged team, with your best interests at heart.

Interested? Drop us a line. Read more about current opportunities below.

Work with Us

Get in touch, tell us who you are, what you've done and what you are interested in doing. We are open to various modes of working together - in-house or remote (though we certainly like to make sure we have some regular face-time).

Some specific opportunities as of late 2014:

Be part of a new team on a well-established project: We're looking for a developer to help maintain and further developing a significant web application. As well as improving existing features and implementing new ones, you'll have an opportunity to lead development of some new but related projects. Ideal opportunity for a motivated full-stack developer who is keen to work on a successful and busy ecommerce site at the core of a growing business. Key technologies: Ruby, Rails, Javascript.

We are keen to bring a data-nerd on board to work on a US-based healthcare project that we are a partner in. Join us to use your data mastery for good in the world. Technologies: Ruby, Clojure, whatever-you-like (and a bit of Cerner CCL)

We've also got a growing amount of work for a devops enthusiast. So if you're interested in Docker, Ansible and such tools we may have an opportunity that would be perfect for you.

Want to come work and learn with us? Let's talk and see what opportunities we have that match your interests.

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