We develop custom software to solve business problems

You know where the pain points in your business are. You feel the bottlenecks every day. You see the repeated mistakes from poor information management and access. And you sense that with just the right piece of software things could be better - for your customers and your bottom line. We can design that software with you, develop it, deploy it and make sure it’s always up and running.

Maybe you already have a system in place. A spreadsheet put together over the years on which you depend - but which is fragile, hard to update and holding you back. Or an application that does almost what you need - when it doesn’t crash or lock up. We will spend the time to understand that system, to listen to the problems you have with it, and to build a replacement you can depend on as your business grows.

We design and build websites to deliver your message / sell your product / find new customers / achieve your goal.

You know the web can be a key part of achieving your publicity goals and sales objectives. But it’s not clear how a custom website fits with channels such as social media (Facebook, Instagram, Line, etc) or software-as-a-service (saas) products. We can consult on this with you - and then build a website which fits your business and chosen marketing strategy. While we’re long on the web as a platform - and encourage you to have your own web presence - we’re also pragmatic and honest in our recommendations. We believe a website should be a net positive for your bottom line and the web itself.

Maybe you’re looking for a targeted website to promote an event, a new product or idea. We will help you conceive and build a single- or multi- page site that precisely meets your aesthetic and functional needs. We promote the use of static site generation coupled with third-party and serverless integrations to keep maintenance and running costs down and performance up. Simple, fast and effective.

We turn your ideas into well-built, maintainable software

You know what the next big thing is. You’ve done your research, surveyed potential customers and figured out how to make this work financially. Now you need a team to turn the idea into something people can use. We can partner with you to turn your business idea into an application on the web. Our services include front and backend development, hosting and deployment tooling and consulting/hand-holding along the way. Every venture is different - but we can put our long experience to work, helping you avoid some of the pitfalls we’ve seen before.

Maybe you’re still working on your idea and want a prototype application to trial with users. Or maybe you want a limited functionality demo to help raise investment. We can develop rapid prototypes for these purposes using focussed sprints (on the understanding that some software quality is being sacrificed in the name of speed).

How we work with you

Our Approach to Technology

We see most technology projects as a journey, both creative and technical in nature. Very often the final destination isn’t clear in the beginning. So a major and ongoing part of that journey is discovery - figuring out the goals and how best to achieve them with (or even, in some cases, without) software. By questioning assumptions, being open to reviewing and revising past decisions, and reevaluating context as it evolves, technology projects can be kept on course and so deliver maximum value. Empathy for those who touch and are touched by software is a key driver in decision making.

Guiding Principles


When you engage us, you’re paying for the time we spend thinking about and working on your project. So we need to establish a budget which works for you and us. It’s not always possible to know how long a project will take to complete (and so how much it will cost) ahead of time - since part of the scope often involves defining the work to be done and the approach to take.

Our pricing ranges from around 1,000 to 2,000 Baht per hour (roughly US$30 to US$60). For short projects we can track time and invoice based on that. For longer projects we can use a mix of hourly, daily or monthly billing and estimate-based project pricing once scope is somewhat settled.

In more concrete terms:

Static Website Build and Deploy

2-3 weeks - 120,000 - 300,000 Baht

You’re looking to get a simple but well-honed website online. You’ve already got the concept clear, and you have branding, images and content in hand. Now let us handle the build and deployment of your site, confident that we’ll take care of all the details required to get you online, looking sharp, with all the Is dotted and Ts crossed.

An appropriate mix of:

Web Application Development

2 months + - Hourly/Daily/Monthly rates

You’re launching a new business with essential technology components, or looking to develop software to improve existing business processes. Or maybe you’re developing a whole new venture online.

If you’re really not sure where to begin, or if you’d like a second opinion on something, then we also offer an initial consultation, either in-person (best) or online.

Initial Consultation

2 hours face-to-face - 6,800 Baht

Discuss your project with us. Ask questions, describe the outcomes you want, share your current ideas and concerns. We’ll listen, and give you our honest thoughts, outline possibilities we see, potential pitfalls to avoid, and alternative approaches to consider. After the meeting we’ll send you a summary of the key points as we see them.

About Intropica


Intropica Co., Ltd was founded by Simon Robson in 2001 to build on and formalize the growing amount of web work he had been doing in Chiang Mai since the arrival of the internet in 1996. Initially the company provided branded and white label web design and development services for local (Chiang Mai) companies as well as building and maintaining sites for Sasin School of Management in Bangkok and several technology companies in the UK.

As the web grew through the 2000s, Intropica kept ahead of the technology curve delivering custom web application development in the latest languages and platforms of the day, bringing the benefits of new development approaches to both Thai and foreign customers. They were one of the first companies in Thailand to deliver Java/Spring-based solutions to businesses, then later Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications.

Intropica has worked on projects in multiple sectors over the years, but has deep experience in the travel and hospitality sector, healthcare and manufacturing support. The team is also currently exploring new ideas and opportunities in the food industry. Intropica makes daily use of many different technologies, but their favoured language for most new development is Clojure / ClojureScript. We have experienced clojure developers for hire, ready to work on your project.


Intropica Co., Ltd, 191 Huay Kaew Rd, T. Suthep, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

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